La Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas


Before I started my trip, I had been thinking about having a video channel where I could show the trip and tell about the adventure.

To publish videos as often as possible, if the elements and the trip allow me, is among my intentions. I know that continuity is better, but this is not always possible, so I ask for your understanding.

I hope you enjoy the stories of nomadic life, cooking easily and cheaply and watching my progress through the world through the little stories that bring you closer.

Stories of the nomadic life

Where other travellers will be the protagonists. Interviews with travellers who will bring us a little closer to their way of travelling, their lives and their dreams. Inspiring stories for everyone.

Backpacker's kitchen

Cooking in a hostel, a private home or a volunteer with little money. I will invite others to meet me on the road, to show us theirs and their tricks.

Traveling without hurries

Stories about my trip. A way of seeing the world from my perspective, with images and texts that convey my feelings. Discovering places outside the tourist routes.


I also have a selection of videos that I have found and continue to find on the Internet, in the Youtube channel of the trip. Videos with an optimistic message and that looking at them from time to time, before the start of the trip, helped me to believe that I could do it. And as I make my way they help me to keep the spirit like the first day. May they inspire you to realize your dreams.

The first video is the one I created myself in 2015 when I had been travelling for just over a year. The text and the idea occurred to me in Malaysia. In Indonesia I finished it by mixing my photos and some video I could make. The music was lent to me by the band Chico Diablo from Madrid, who gave it to me clean, without their lyrics, so that I could record my voice on it.

Anyway on this page you have the full text, by acts, which is how I divided it and also the video.

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By the way, and to finish. Comments and suggestions are welcome, both to show you what you would like me to cook; an interview with someone who travels and wants to tell you their story or places they can present you, and suggestions for adding inspiring videos. I’ll review them and if I like them and they excite me I’ll put them in with my thanks to you for suggesting it.

Ah! And if you like videos, a “I like” helps, but if you subscribe, it also motivates. You’re very welcome to my house… on YouTube.

¡Pura Vida!

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