La Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas

The traveler

A summary of my life

Hello, I am Fernando Rutia and I was born in 1968 in Zaragoza (Spain) where I was raised and grew until I was 22 years old. I never was a good student and after I graduated from a religious school in Burbaguena (Teruel) where I was placed as an intern by my mother, I only did the first year of professional formation when I was back in Zaragoza.

Always music was what moved me and I was much attracted to the radio. I would have loved to be a musician, which I tried (maybe with not enough patience, though), so I became a DJ, I designed and wrote in a magazine from Zaragoza called The Big Music which I alternated with being a waiter, roadie in concerts or records salesman when I was starting my relationship with the music world. I also used to help my mother daily in her newsstand.

The twists and turns of life

And suddenly, one day by the end of 1989 I had the chance to do a radio show as a collaborator in Radio Heraldo station. For the first 6 months of 1990, by joining Teresa Brunet after she offered me the job, I could finally make my dream come true: to work on the radio.

By achieving my dreams, I had enough reasons to be satisfied and happy, however it was not like that. Actually, I was tired of the demanding nightlife of Zaragoza (by the way, nobody made me demand so much from myself), so I decided to wide my horizons and to relax my neurons.

El Viajero
In Onda Cero Menorca

I migrated to Menorca where the previous year I had spent some short holidays, invited by my friend Ángel Martínez. I discovered a unique and quiet place, just what I needed and right next to the ocean. My health would also be grateful for this.

In Menorca I lived for 10 years. I was a DJ in night clubs in several instances, although my daily and fixed job was on the radio (1990-1998).

I started in a station called Radio Amanecer that would later become Onda Cero Menorca by performing duties of: technician, developer, producer, presenter, commercial, and coordinator of Onda Cero Music.

In parallel in 1995 I founded the company Producciones Ferru SC and with that the Menorca Actúa festival which I coordinated during 4 straight years (1995-1998), until it was impossible to maintain as a business and did not work as I intended due to the island’s culture and/or my own mistakes. I kept my company for another year (1999) by coordinating concerts, amongst other things in order to pay the debt that I had incurred, which I achieved by 98%.

I finally decided that my time in the island had come to an end and I went to Madrid in search of a better fortune, inspired and cheered by two good friends: Gema Serrano and Sergio Pazos who were my best man and woman in the big city.

And I made a big decision. By the end of 1999 in Madrid I met Prado Arenas who was my life partner for 10 years and with who I founded the company Actúa Management y Producción SL.

In that company we engaged in launching new artists, to make communication campaigns for large companies, artists or internationally recognized festivals. We also created a record label, although we chose a bad timing as record selling industry was falling sharply. As of now the company is still working, however my participation is only symbolic. Or I think, because life gives you surprises and people do too.

During my last 2 years heading the company I decided to try new businesses and I started with MLM or Multinivel, cheered by my friend Miguel Morán. However after more than 2 years trying

Ten years of Actúa Management y Producción SL

in different companies, investing time and money and bothering my friends and family without getting any results, I finally decided to leave.

Viaja, aprende, conoce, comparte, vive
I'm leaving the farm, few things and a lot of hope

Due to this setback or failure and with a very complicated emotional and economic situation, by the end of 2012 I migrated to a country house 40 km from Barcelona in order to help Miguel Morán to set up a business of rural tourism. It was a quite effective way to disconnect from everything, to change sceneries and to give a complete twist to my life.

After a strong argument with Miguel and my future again drifting away, I started to conceive in my mind a dream of travelling as a nomad. I would have to reset my life but I had nothing to lose and probably a lot to win.

After a long time without talking to each other, during a conversation to rebuild our friendship along with a beer I finally told him about my new plans.

It was a key moment because even though it was clear to me, that conversation sparked the flame that I had not felt since a long time ago, my new and maybe most ambitious life project ever: to go around the world, which I added with no rush to enjoy a trip that already looked thrilling.

To fulfill my dream. To start again. To get to know new cultures, languages, people and why not, to be able to practice my other interest: cuisine.

In a simple way and with the easiest to find ingredients in any place, but at the same time most appreciated in our gastronomy: I would teach around the world on how to make a Spanish potato omelet (with onion and zucchini). And I have made more than 500 of them.

I also added the objective of learning a simple plate of every country and to share it (when possible) along with anecdotes of the adventure through this blog and the YouTube channel.

It has been over 4 years travelling. I have crossed 43 countries by traversing more than 100,000 kilometers, mainly by land and sea, but also by plane when needed. I have only finished the first part of the trip by adding to the original plans part of the Pacific Ocean from south to north, by sailboat and as a volunteer.

I have proceeded in a large amount of countries as a volunteer, and besides teaching me new skills for keeping collaborating in the future, it has also helped me to live with a minimal budget and to get to know better the cultures of these countries. It has been more than 45 volunteer works during the trip doing almost everything.

I have learnt finally to speak a good enough English – another challenge that I proposed to myself – and I know the necessary sentences to communicate in several languages.

Dreams tell us which way to go

I am doing a virtue out of patience and trying to grow within me a better person, therefore I could say that I am exceeding the expectations of this trip. Because I really think and every day I am more convinced that travelling is the only way to find yourself and to feel free. Problems become temporary and prejudices tend to disappear. And that fulfills me.

Now I am in the second part of the trip that will take me to cover the American continent from south to north, passing by the center and the Caribbean. The time taken to cross and discover it will only be determined by the travel. So, the story goes on and with it I will keep filling this site and the blog, with my experiences and how they affect my life.

See you down the road.

Pura vida!

Videos that inspire

Videos that bring an optimistic message which have helped me from the beginning to believe what I can do and while the journey continues they help me to keep up my spirit like it was the first day. I hope you like them and they inspire you to carry out your dreams.

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