La Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas

Where to sleep traveling?

On the world tour, in some countries there is no opportunity to volunteer and get a roof over your head and food in exchange for your work and skills, so you have to look at other options to be able to rest, economically and comfortably.

In my case, with a very limited budget, I decided that I would combine different possibilities, depending on the country and the answers I got from my first choice.

This is none other than the houses of people who like to meet new people and help travelers, whose best representation is found on the website Couchsurfing, although there are others.

In case this failed, for whatever reason, I looked for an alternative that was also an alternative to hotels, and found the hostels or hostels, as they are called in English.

Here is all that I have been able to find and in some cases have used.

The best option to meet local people or people living in the country. But Watch out!, because if you are accepted as a guest, even if you don’t pay for your stay, you can’t think of it as a free vacation and it’s cool to collaborate with the hosts.

I also advise you, that if you open a profile on any of these pages, fill it out thoroughly. Whether you are accepted or not will depend on this information, as some hosts are very demanding in this regard. On the other hand, even if they do not welcome you in their homes, they can also serve as a guide in their city.

vuelta al mundo

The best known. This website puts you in touch with people from any city in the world. I use it mainly to ask for a place to sleep, but as I pointed out above, also serves for local people to show you the city, among other things.

Being a member of Couchsurfing is free, but if you check the account for 19€ is much easier that other couchsurfers trust you and you find faster what you’re looking for. I have registered, but I am not verified.

One fact: in Europe I was not answered to the requests I sent, however in most countries in Asia and Oceania did practically at the time.

I will add that in Taiwan, I found through a host or couchsurfer, schools all over the country where I go to give lectures telling my trip, something that taught me another facet of this website and made me live unforgettable experiences.

This is the website:

vuelta al mundo

We could compare it to Couchsurfing and it works in a similar way, although it is not as commercial as this one. I have a profile created in it and although I have not used it much, I plan to use it much more in the future. You can create your Bewelcome here.

In all cases it can be considered the same, the only thing that changes is the semantics and for me they are the perfect alternative to other more expensive lodging places like hotels or similar, or when you don’t have a response from hosts in their homes.

In hostels you will find people who travel and do it just like you and me, looking for a good price and making friends. In many cases those who manage them are also people with travel experience, who know your needs and help you, young, dynamic and attentive people.

vuelta al mundo

I thought it was one of the cheapest ways to get around the world to find accommodation and I got a membership card that helps you get a discount at participating establishments around the world. The fee is cheap. However, I have not used it yet as the offer I have found has always been more expensive than in hostels or hostels outside the network. You can access through this link.

vuelta al mundo

I found this website one day, probably, looking for something cheap to spend the night in some country. It has more offers than the World Hostel Network of the previous point and works as a search engine among the websites of hostels (,,,, etc) existing in the world. Therefore it is a good way to choose the best offer from each website, at each moment and save money while traveling. And also time. also has an affiliate program open to anyone and free of charge. At the moment they don’t know what they will do with the points you accumulate, although the money will be paid into an account for a certain amount. Of course, I’ve signed up for it and I’m adding up, in addition to the commissions for my reservations, the ones I get from other travelers I’ve met along the way and they use it as a way to help me and help me. In short, from the best price you can find for yourself in hostels or hostels on the web, a small percentage comes to me. Go to here.

There is an offer and you can find everything from free private accommodation to paid public places. In both cases you will save a good amount of money by traveling.

And by the way, if you know others that have similar characteristics, I will be happy to recommend them to you so that I can complete this section that is so necessary for a traveler. Thank you for your cooperation.

Pura Vida!

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