La Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas began in March 2014
and the trip continues. Now, "Discovering America."
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La Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas


On this page and through the links to the blog that tell you how to "Know more" you can see different ways to get resources which I use to go Around the World Unhurry.

To begin with, I’m going to introduce you to my way of traveling and advancing along the way through volunteering.

A great opportunity to get to know the countries and their people much better, as well as acquire new skills and help to be helped with yours.

Several websites put the volunteers in touch with the hosts and usually, because of my experiences – there are 45 at the moment after more than 50 months of travelling – it’s a very good way to travel, saving money for when you have to make the journey and can’t find places to collaborate.

Viajar como voluntario

Viajar como voluntario

Sometimes there is no option to volunteer, either because you don’t find them in the country in question or because you don’t have any response from the hosts, which unfortunately also happens.

In these cases you can find places to spend the night, either for free, in private homes that want to help a traveler through Couchsurfing -although there are other brands- or for a fee, with reasonable prices in hostels or guesshouses. Places, on the other hand interesting because you can meet other travelers and you never know.

Both are good options, to go around the world and do it on a low budget.

On a trip around the world, there are many cultures and many different languages to be found. The first you will have to learn by living it, but the second you can solve before you arrive.

Learning languages is, for me, one of the challenges of the trip and of course you can’t learn them all, but it does help to know the most spoken one so you can communicate around the world: English.

In the blog I review all those websites that offer you for free the possibility of learning that language you always wanted or simply improve the one you already studied.

vuelta al mundo y cumplir un sueño


To finance the trip I sold all my belongings -the ones that were bought from me- and with that money I started my trip around the world.

Even though I was austere with spending, by the end of 2014 my own funds had run out. So I launched a campaign through my Facebook profile to get support from my friends.

I offered them a souvenir of the trip, in a postal format, in exchange for money to help me move forward. The response was fantastic and thanks to them, I can move on. And I know it’s worked for other travellers I’ve told, too.

This is an important resource for me. When I started to prepare for my trip around the world, there were many travel blogs that gave me ideas and from them I gathered information that helped me to organize myself better.

When I was clear on many things, I also decided that I would start a blog, to help others, something I have been able to confirm over time.

And one thing to keep in mind. If you learn enough from Wordpress, it can help you in the future to raise funds for the trip – how? by making blogs or websites for others.

Cómo crear tu web o blog con Wordpress


Fernando Rutia

Fernando Rutia

Soy Fernando Rutia y en el año 2013 decidí que mi vida debía de reiniciarse. Preparé esta vuelta al mundo y en 2014 me puse en marcha. Te lo cuento en esta web y en el blog, con el que también intento ayudarte a conocer los países que voy cruzando. Espero que disfrutes de esta experiencia vital y puedas viajar conmigo en la distancia, leyéndome. ¡Pura Vida!

Help others to travel with me. Thank you for sharing.

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