La Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas began in March 2014
and the journey continues. Now, "Discovering America".
La Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas began in March 2014
and the journey continues. Now, "Discovering America".
La Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas


They say that “it’s good to be grateful” and this saying is perfect for this blog page where I want to thank you for the help you gave me before I left and many people are giving me during the trip.

A small tribute to remember all of them, old friends who are still there, or new ones who appear in my life and who in one way or another, are participating in this project of continuous learning in which I am immersed.

Support, which in many cases is economic, is also -and very importantly- moral. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope to return one day all that I am receiving from you, multiplied.

The list is growing continuously for my joy and as time goes by, I update it as I travel along the way.

For their help before and during the trip

In some cases, they bought all my belongings that I sold before I left to finance the trip. In others, they trusted their companies and contributed money or items I needed to move around the world. And others, through their work in the media, have told about my trip by dedicating interviews or articles to me, which has made other people know and collaborate with me.

– Concepción Garde
– Mar Saiz Domínguez
– Mónica Sevil
– Prado Arenas
– Enrique Calabuig
– Daniel Rodriguez
– Marivi Andrés
– Luis Linacero and Café Linacero
– Maite Gómez
– Sanma Gil
– Silvia Briz
– Marian Morán
– Pepe García Valverde
– Superalimentos Mundo Arcoiris

– Javier Rodriguez Kolmee
– José Manuel Fernandez Salgado EVO
– Ignacio Cristóbal Bescós and Perdidos en los 80
– María Angeles Lázaro
– Miguel Morán
– Vicky Martín López
– Sonia Linacero de Zero Grados
– Luis Soler de C. SER Menorca
– Mercedes Laguna Paul de Heraldo de Aragón
– María Salazar and Javier Arrullada de Mi Nube
– Isabel Sánchez and Juanmi Olivares from Más y Mejor
– María Sandoval from the Spanish Embassy in Tehran
– Fina Nieto Ramón for his proofreading of texts for this blog

For their donations and financial support

They are all helping the journey. They do a little bit of sand, which is really a mountain for me. They have participated in the trip by buying postcards or sometimes, crossing them on the way, they have donated some money to me in order to continue with the next step. These donations continue and make it possible for me to fulfill this dream that I am living around the world… without hurry.

– Cesar Camino
– Oscar Briz Mené y Touch Me
– Monika Navarro
– Luca Turchi
– Marta Ezkerra Sanz
– Giovanni Peracine
– Miguel Martí Puivecino
– Enrique Ortiz y JoseG. Gómez
– José (Josete) Bueno y familia
– Sanma Gil
– JaviChewaka Colmenarejo
– David Saenz Muñoz
– Jesualdo Jimenez De Cisneros
– Ignacio Cristóbal Bescós
– Nuria Guerra Suarez
– Juan Rivas
– Flora Cortés Palma
– Santiago Echandi
– Natalia Blasco
– Alfonso Fernandez (Alf)
– Isidro José Bea Navarro
– Mercedes Laguna Paúl
– Nona Rubio
– Ana Pilar Montilla Forsberg
– Margarita López Lahoz
– Susana Echarte
– Juan Miguel Rico Cuadrado
– Marcos Moreno e Yraya
– María Lledó

– Miguel Méndez
– Sergi Almiñana
– Juan Andrés Palacios
– Isabel Miret Sabater
– Maria Pilar Burgos Alonso
– Miguel Martí
– Ana Caballero de Rodas
– Otilia Alonso Andrés
– Fanny Amengual
– Sonia Linacero
– Ana María Duarte y José Francisco Alcalde
– José Manuel Ramirez y Pilar Otero
– Rosa Melendez
– Marga Buñuel
– Rosa Cancer Beltrán
– María Antonia Martínez
– Fede García
– Carlos Rodríguez Buchon
– Gema Hernández Julvez
– Víctor Prim
– Irene Altamirano
– Jorge Marín “Greñas” y La Panza es Primero
– Alfonso Santiago y Last Tour Internacional
– Dominic Gibson
– Toti Moroni y familia

– Emilia Nogueras
– Maite Gómez
– José Luis Cortés
– Sara Egea
– Aida Crespo
– Yolanda Crespo
– Choni Vallés
– Inés Monreal
– Pablo Cardenal
– Juanjo García
– Roberto Nicieza
– Javier Novaes
– Jesco Fuchs y Kira
– Herve Samonati
– Kiselev Pavel
– Manolo Cobos y Ángel Garrido
– Estrella Ruiz
– Nabistul Mislia Haji Abdullah
– Aaron Mawby
– Mathias Manko y Lulu
– Kika Millán
– Eva Astiarraga
– Mireia Tortosa Borrell
– Belén Briones
– Rupert Corcke
– Tom Emerson
– Daniel Pla
– Diego Navarro
– Lola Sabater
– Benjamin van Rooij

– Elena Garzón
– Ana Tramullas
– Mª Carmén Ortiz Rosello
– Miguel Aparicio
– Rubén Falconetti y Beatriz Exposito
– Mónica Merino
– Helen Leva Larios
– José Alberto Blanco (Tanano)
– Isanela Contreras
– Conchi Garde
– Carlos Mahón
– Rafael Fuster
– Francisco Macipe Alarcón
– Miguel Corral (Mc Perez)
– Justo Freira Rodriguez
– Pilar Escursell
– Carlos Valderrama Vidal
– Roberto Carlos Anselmo
– Pablo Farnos
– Kevin Van de Vyver
– Horst Lehmman
– Angel Garrido
– Adela Portella
– María Yedo Ynzenga
– Silvia Fdez. y Daniel Rguez.
– Diego Ortiz
– Raúl Antonio y Erika Aguirre
– Juano Moroni

For their selfless help and hosting my trip:

The first part of the journey began in March 2014 and I reached the antipodes of Spain, which are located in New Zealand. Due to New Zealand law requirements to have a flight out of the country, I had to go to Fiji and there I extended this first part by flying to Samoa and joining a sailboat to cross the Pacific. It took me a year and a half longer than expected to complete this first part.


Marie-Pierre Tranier from L’Isle-Jourdain – Giselle Basualdo, Marc-Antonie Nivesse and the people from Hotel-Restaurante Le Crillon-Luberon from Murs – Scott and Sally from Murs

Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria

Matjaz and Borut from Novo Mesto (Slovenia) – Andrej and Irena from Oriovcic (Croatia) – Marko and Irena from Hostel Republik from Uzice (Serbia) – Denis and Kalina from Sofia (Bulgaria)


Mehmet Dal from Istanbul – Sheirgo Jano from Istanbul – Elif Özkara, Emir Taylar and Samim Baydar from Fethiye

Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan

Azat Freeman from Asjabad · Alberto and MariaVi from Asjabad (Turkmenistan)
 · Aki Uz from Tashkent (Uzbekistan)
 · Regina Im from Osh (Kyrgyzstan)


Anna to share part of her travel with me (我爱你宝贝) · Wang Zheng Rong and Wang Jian from Xi’an · Joe, Edison and everybody in Daylight Young Hostel from Huangshan · Dumpling, John, Eva and Summer from Dongguan

Vietnam and Cambodia

Vǎn Bīnh Nguyễn and the students of the English academy of Hanoi (Vietnam) · Tommy Genbrugge from Hanoi · Noe in Hanoi to help me to find the volunteer place · Diego Fernandez and Fernando Morales from Sihanoukville (Cambodia)
 · Nicole and Tommy from Koh Totang (Cambodia)


Ahmadi Sultan from Batam · Robi and Fitri from Batam · José Antonio Sierra from Jakarta · Isep Kurnia and the people from Tanakita in Sukabumi · Romi from Bandung · Ugalung Huta from Surabaya · Barack and Piyo from Makassar · Ahmadi Abbas, Nahira Majid and his family from Belopa · Ance and his family from Poso · Sahrir and his family from Pantoloan · Aptimus and his family from Nunukan


Bianca from Manila (Luzon)
 · Maky Pura and David John Gacosta from Sorsogon (Luzon)
 · Elma Laguna (DEP) and Marlyn Gacosta from Sorsogon (Luzon)
 · Zeke from DryDock in Danao (Cebu) · Henry, JM, JF, Alex y Lucio from Drydock in Danao (Cebu) · Ezequiel Martí and Chris Debowski from Siargao (Mindanao) · Tracy Sacan and Lady from Cebu · Red Duarte from Danao (Cebu)


Johnny Chang from Sigatoka · Frances Tui from Suva · Ian, Steve, Jade and the people from Suva Yacth Club


To Vicente Vaylina from Osaka · Oscar Pineda and his family from Osaka · Akiko Cristal Toda and her family from Wakayama y Osaka.

South Korea

To Ara and her family, to Margie Gado and the students at the academy who made me have a really amazing time.


Alessandra Giacardi and Massimo Ferrando from Sassello · Giulia Acerba and Cuccho Alcantara from Genova · Micol from Genova · Daniele Marchetti, Rita Diianni and Vicopisano village · Ilaria and Luca from Capraia e Limite · Gabriele and Elisa from Pozzolatico-Impruneta · Elena Rubio and Giulio from Rome · Giancarlo, Helen, Marta and Mario from Napoli · Yara Bonanni, Carol, Lino and Angela from Poggio Mirteto · Giovanni Peracine and Sophie Deltombe from Treviso · Simone and Gianluca from Mogliano Veneto


Reza Civil from Tabriz · Mahid Nejatghafar, Maedeh Azar and their families from Tehran · Alireza Kamali from Tehran · Nader Asyabanzadeh and his family from Tehran · Nima Baradan and his family from Mashhad · Amin Badiezadeh from Mashhad · Arezoo Kh from Mashhad

Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei

Ramadhan Mohamad from Kuala Lumpur · Adnan y Maimunah from Lanchang · Gonzalo from Kuala Lumpur · Chong Tzer Bin from Johor · Fez Roslan and his family from Kota Kinabalu · Niana Mnemosyne from Kota Kinabalu · Nabistul Mislia Haji Abdullah and her children Yasin and Sarah from Sandakan · Joshua Foo and Michelle from Sandakan · Anne Das and Adam Kiss from Sandakan · Jeffrey Lim from Singapore · Abdullah Kamit from Brunei

Thailand and Myanmar

Goto Mah from Bangkok (DEP) · Tangmo, Chit and her family from Phayao · Orr Natchaya and her family from Phayao (Thailand) · Ye Ko Ko and his family from Tuanggyi (Myanmar)


Kathleen Brown, Char-lee Brown and the littles Teah and Imogen Brown from Darkan · Aaron Mawby from Darkan · Mohammad and Amir from Melbourne · Maria and Shokooteh from Melbourne · Paul, Fiona and his family from Orange · Mathias and Lulu from NSW · Tommas and Claire from Nashdale

New Zealand

Silvia, Jake and family from Auckland · Jade McMahon from Piha · Tom Emerson from Piha · Raewyn and Glenn from Hunua · Ian Silvester and his family from Katikati · Mike from Taupo · Miguel Garrido, Marta, Pablo, Marie, Clemens and Flor from Palmerston North · Andrea Sherrington, Steve Aub and their boat Shantoozie in Herald Island


Rocío, Leticia and their family from Taipei · All the people in Duckstay hostel from Taipei · Nidia and her family from Zhunan · Michael Huang and his family from Wujie – Yilan · Sally, Ivan and the students and teachers from the Municipal School Cheng Kong de Keelung · Jill and her family from Tainan · Gary from Tainan and the students of school
 · Grace Liu, Liza and their families from Kaohsiung and Pingtung · Sandra and her family and students from Hengchun

Pacific Ocean Islands

To Horst Lehmman and his sailing yacht Awenasa, for making me known: Western Samoa, Wallis, Fiji, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Marshall Is. and Micronesia sailing · Judith Van Der Riff for his joy in sailing the Pacific · Valentino and Kimi Polelei from Wallis to let me use the internet connection (Wallis and Futuna)
 · Melvin Iushyaro from Ifalik (Micronesia) to teach me how fishing by traditional canoe · Iacopo Cerano for lending me his camera to record and take pictures in Micronesia and Barbara, Giovanni, Steve, Peter and Vincent for the great moments sailing.

South Korea

To Ara and her family, to Margie Gado and the students at the academy who made me have a really amazing time.

In January 2018, after almost four years of travel, I arrived in Chile, which was the gateway to America and the beginning of the second part of the journey. Thirteen days after my arrival, I crossed into Argentina and after a little over two months I returned to Chile. The following steps will take me to Peru, Ecuador, Colombia… The project was to travel the continent from South to North, passing through the center and the Caribbean in 3 years, but I think I will extend it again for a while. The travel gifts have these things in them.


To Dominic Gibson and Mariana Jara from Santiago – Marcos Moreno and Yraya from Santiago – Soledad Sepulveda from Santiago – Daniel Pla and Patricia from Santiago – Alan Tighe Chavez and his family from Temuco – Marcial Castro from Maipú and his truck – Mercedes, Mónica and Estela Stichelbaut from Santiago – Marcos and Goldenberg and Maite Abatte from Santiago – Francisco Navia from Valparaíso – Roberto Estay from La Serena.


To Rocio, Carmen and Carolina de Fátima del Aguila Gerbi from El Mensajero Lodge from San Ramón –


To my friends in and around Madrid and especially to: Julian Alcantara, Dr. Morel and family; Alberto González; José Mellado, Iris and family; Sergio Pazos; Prado Arenas; Curro Herráiz and María; Paco and Ana; Mónica Sevil and her family; Miguel Martí, Chuchi and the Wonder people; Cristina Anoro and Ana Caballero de Rodas; Julio Chino, Miguel Martín Puigvecino and Los Teloneros – To my friends in Zaragoza and especially to: Jesús Catalán and Rosario, Linacero Family, Ignacio “Coco” and Juju, Javier Estrada “Chinas”, Ana Iturri and Carlota Aranda, Jesús Antoñanzas and family, Marivi Andrés, Josete, Ana and Fran Macipe, Alberto Villacampa, Cristina and family, Luso, Cuco Barrachina – Pepe, Lucía and José Francisco de La Alameda, Soria – Lola and Rosa Torres de Xeraco, Valencia – Pablo Farnós de Todos los Santos de Benicassim – Miguel Morán, Elena Rodriguez, Liam Morán and Denise Silva de Barcelona – Tío Pei and Ana de Barberá del Vallés, Barcelona – To my friends in Menorca and especially Ángel Martínez, Mikel, Mariluz, Ariz and Aitor de Akelarre – Daniel Rodriguez Muñoz and María de Bilbao.


To Kevin and Cristina de Rumbo al Cambio – Diego Navarro and his family from San Luis – Ricardo de Mendoza and his truck – Carlota Aranda and Kava de Rosario – Fernanda and Pablo de Buenos Aires – Alejandro Calise de Buenos Aires – Andrea Morera de Buenos Aires – Nicolas Raposo de Buenos Aires – Marie Pequenino de Buenos Aires – Raúl Antonio and Erika de Banfield – Juano Moroni and his family from Casilda – Alejando Scoccia. and her family from Corral de Bustos – Mauro Cafaratti de Corral de Bustos – Natalia Zanetto and her family from La Plata – Florinda and Cátedra Libre de Aragón in La Plata – To the group Canciones para Viajar de La Plata – To those who came to dinner in Catriel – Javier Brandy and his family from Neuquen – Agustina Espinoza and her family in Mallin Ahogado – Oscar Fernandez and his home van – Cecilia Calzolari from Bariloche. Translated with


Tanya, Jorge and Arenillas family – Margarita Toapanta de Quito –


Carlos Valderrama and Nohelia, Miriam, Rosa and La Negra from Medellin – To friends from Bogota and especially to: Mark Lee, Jessica and family – Julio Correal, Paola Pallares and family, Betty, Mónica, Fruto and Flota Magdalena – Jumpei Mori and Mauricio Bedoya from Salento – Tata, Joana, Joaquín and Sebas from Cali

Help others to travel with me. Thank you for sharing.

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La Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas


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