La Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas began in March 2014

and the journey continues. Now, "Discovering America".

La Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas

Take part in
La Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas

If you participate, you can help me continue the journey. To continue living this adventure in which I embarked in mid-March 2014 and have a souvenir of my journey around the world.

Take a joy when you receive the postcard or the t-shirt, which are some of the ways of help I offer you.

Thank you for your help!


To receive the postcard I ask you to donate € 15 for each of them you want to receive.

You can choose it from your favorite country or from the one you would like to visit, or, leave it at random and I will be who decide from where I send it to you.

Of course, if you have any predilection for the type of postcard -animals, regional costumes, nature, cities, etc-, you can also suggest it and if I find that postcard, it will be I’ll send you.

The donation can be made to two different bank accounts. At N26 or Banco MEDIOLANUM, in the name of Fernando Javier Andrés Rutia and putting in the TRAVEL POSTCARD concept. Or through Paypal.

From Spain and other European country:
Banco Mediolanum: ES38 0186 5001 6005 0966 1681
N26: DE88 
1001 1001 2629 0057 20

From everywhere around the world:
Banco Mediolanum:
IBAN: ES38 0186 5001 6005 0966 1681

IBAN: DE88 1001 1001 2629 0057 20

If you have chosen the method of payment by bank account, you should send me by e-mail a postal address to know where I should send you the postcard.
This is my personal email address:

To buy through PayPal by clicking on the button below.

Camiseta La Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas

T-shirts of the trip is a new way I’m opening in order to receive help and you will have a memory of the trip.

I designed the T-shirts for you and you just have to click on this link to go directly to the store and choose the model, size and color you prefer.

Prices range from € 25 to € 40 depending on the model you choose.

If you want you can add € 10 when your order for a T-shirt and I will send you a postcard of the trip.

On the resources page, you will have already seen that one of them is to make your website or blog with Wordpress, there you will also have read that several of the tools I use have an affiliation formula.

Well, if you access that area by clicking on the button below and choose the options I offer you, you can help me on the journey.
You can also click on the logos next to you.

The commissions depend on the company, some are very good, some are very tight, but they all help me to pay the expenses that the blog generates, which is not bad at all.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Participa en la Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas

One way to help me very easily is through donations.

You send me whatever you want and I will receive it in my PayPal account. Although you can also choose the bank account. In both cases you have above the link or bank details to do it.

Thank you for wanting to help me keep going. Your name will appear in the thank-you section of this blog.

Fernando Rutia

Fernando Rutia

Soy Fernando Rutia y en el año 2013 decidí que mi vida debía de reiniciarse. Preparé esta vuelta al mundo y en 2014 me puse en marcha. Te lo cuento en esta web y en el blog, con el que también intento ayudarte a conocer los países que voy cruzando. Espero que disfrutes de esta experiencia vital y puedas viajar conmigo en la distancia, leyéndome. ¡Pura Vida!

Help others to travel with me. Thank you for sharing.

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More for a long trip

Be volunteer

One of the ways to travel saving and also helping others Ah! and learning.


Where sleep?

Options to be able to sleep in an economic place or free during your trip.


Learn languages

To travel is to communicate, if you can do it in others, in addition to Spanish, better.


Create with WP

Creating websites and blogs with WP is a way to raise funds for the trip and help others.

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La Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas


La Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas embajador Izas

Not cumulative - Not valid for discounted or promotional clothing - footwear - child - accessories. applicable only until the end of promotion and only valid on the web.