La Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas began in March 2014
and the journey continues. Now, "Discovering America".
La Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas began in March 2014
and the journey continues. Now, "Discovering America".
La Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas

How to create your web or blog in WordPress

If you are thinking about how to create your website or blog in WordPress and you are going to do it from scratch, without having previous knowledge, in addition to what are the usual tools to have a professional site (domain, hosting, etc.), you need an orientation to start and put all the things in your site.

On this page I will give you information so that you can decide how to do it. You can choose between the free (not so free) or the paid option. For the first one you will have to go to, for the second one to
What is the difference between the two? There are quite a few of them and, better than me, this article from the blog called explains it to you in detail.

WordPress vs

So if you decide to create your blog or website with and you’re going to do it from scratch, read on and you’ll know where and how to start so you don’t screw up like I did when I started with mine.

When I realized that everything I had learned was not enough, I searched the web for people with experience and knowledge to make it easy for me, to improve what I had and take my blog to the next level. Optimization, security, design, SEO, etc, many things that today are easier to implement with the tutorials we can find on the Internet.

Fortunately, there are more and more experts and although I know enough of them, I am still looking to continue learning. I’ll provide you with a list of those I’ve highlighted so far. There’s plenty more, you’ll get to them if you look a little on the net.

In Spanish

In English

Everyone has their own YouTube channel and you will be able to see step by step their method. Research in their pages and articles, you have tips to create your blog or website with WordPress: security, speed, optimization, SEO with plugins that are one of the wonders of WordPress. And usually, though not everyone, has a free ebook if you subscribe to their website.

There are many and some are free, others are paid. It will depend on your interest and your financial possibilities. What is clear is that if you follow a professional course you will learn faster and in time you will be prepared to create your blog or website en WordPress. And, why not, also other people’s blog, which can be a source of income as it is happening to me.

Here are some of the ones I found on the net. On YouTube you also have good tutorials that are free. In my YouTube channel I have a free playlist where you can find a couple of courses and some more resources to create your website or blog in WordPress.


My tools

If you choose, which is the one I recommend, you will need your own domain and you will have to invest a little. I’ve done it, but this way it’s safer and more personal. On the other hand, hosting is the most important thing for your website to work perfectly, securely, quickly and with everything you need updated, if you are really ready for WP.

When I started in 2013 with the blog, I hired Hostgator, which is one of the best, but prices went up and up, which caused me problems with the renovation. I looked for something cheaper and found Siteground.

You will see that the Spanish recommend Siteground and the Anglo-Saxon Hostgator as a rule. They both specialize in WordPress, so you make sure your blog is safe and some other things. Both of them have good customer service, but at Siteground, when I have a problem, they solve it right away. Besides, now that I understand a little more about WP, I get into an eleven-strand shirt and there have been times when I’ve needed your urgent help and they’ve been very efficient and effective.

On the other hand, at this time and since May 2018 it is also very important to know if your hosting complies with the data protection law that applies in Europe – known as RGPD – because it commits you too, if not applied by your hosting. This RGPD law applies wherever you are if you have customers or visitors from the European Union. If you don’t do it, you can get a heavy fine.

In terms of cost. Siteground will currently charge you a lower annual fee for the first year – a new customer discount – which will be the normal fee from the second year onwards. Although if you renew it for three years they’ll keep the discount. In Spain they also offer you free domain registration, although from the next cycle onwards you will have to pay for it. But don’t worry, the domain is very cheap.

As you see many things in favor of Siteground as a good hosting for WordPress, but I also want to add and highlight, to finish, its Webinars channel that periodically brings together WordPress professionals to explain and help make things better. The webinars are free and if, for example, you signed up and couldn’t attend, they then post them on their YouTube channel for you to watch. Finally, the questions you asked during the webinar are sent to you personally so that you can hear the answer to your question. A luxury.

create your website or blog with WordPress
Siteground is my hosting for my blog and the websites I'm doing
Crear en WordPress
Siteground channel on YouTube with tutorials

GeneratePress. It was a discovery of 2017 when I decided to make my own design for this website. In fact, after trying the free version of this theme, I bought the paid version ($39.95 and 40% when you renew) as it offers extended customization possibilities.

Like all themes, GeneratePress can also be customized through CSS and HTML, but in exceptional cases, as it has many functions that are normally rewritten (fonts, icons, etc.).

Another “Theme” called Astra is also well spoken of. I’ll try it on another website and let you know.

And while researching, I discovered that GeneratePress combines very well with a page builder called Elementor that also has its premium version. After trying out their free version I was encouraged to have the extended version ($49 and 50% when renewing the license). Everyone is talking wonders about their joint use. And I give faith.

This 2018 has been presented another very good looking layout designer called Brizy -free and Pro versions-. I just started using it, so I can’t tell you much. For now, I still use Elementor that works perfectly for me.

Elementor also has plug-ins that make it even more powerful. With the Pro version, most of you don’t need them, but if you use the free version, you can expand the possibilities and options to create with them.

I wanted to make you a list, but the truth is that since it is such a recognized plugin in such a short time and with so many downloads, other developers are already taking care of more and more. I’ll tell you what I know so far:

However, since 2018 Elementor Pro has also become a theme creator because now you can create with it, unique templates that can then be applied to all the others with a single click, as well as templates for the posts you write in the blog. It is very interesting to be able to create pages for files and taxonomies. So with the Pro version you can practically save yourself a lot of plugins from the ones mentioned in the previous paragraph and also a lot of money.

Very importantly, both Generatepress or Astra and Elementor or Brizy offer video tutorials to help you learn step by step how to use them and get the most out of them. In the case of Elementor adding new videos each time they update the design widgets.

The plugin also continues to grow and each time introduces new possibilities to make a professional web and really attractive. I don’t have time to apply the new widgets, which are arriving non-stop.

Something very important, whether Generatepress or Astra or Elementor or Brizy, is that they offer video tutorials to learn step by step how to use them and get the most out of them. In the case of Elementor, they add new videos each time they update the design widgets.

But also on YouTube, you can find hundreds of expert videos to complement your information. On my channel I have a playlist where I have made a compilation that will grow. You can access with this link.

Generate Press and Elementor

This chapter depends a lot on your needs, but what is clear is that loading it with plugins slows down the speed of your blog, so be careful. I have installed more of the following because of the type of blog I do, but these are the really important ones.

Yoast. I assure you that it is the best plugin for SEO. It helps you improve your articles and pages by telling you what you forgot or what to fix. What it doesn’t do is position you in the search engines, that will be your job and it takes your time to do it well, but it is worth your help. Free and premium versions.

Google Analytics: Track your blog and give you the statistics it generates. Important to know your audience and other segmented data.

Jetpack: Free and premium versions. A plugin with many functions that will prevent you from installing many others to make them. Although depending on variables, it may be a plugin too loaded.

Wordfence:  With Siteground you have good protection for your blog, but it is not a bad idea to install an additional security plugin. This is easy to set up and works perfectly for me. You also have the free and the paid version.

WPOptimize: An optimization plugin and the most installed WordPress plugin. With it, you can clean the database easily and securely. Easy to configure.

Backup Guard: During one of my migrations between local servers, I discovered this plugin that is easy to use and necessary to save copies of your blog. According to the plan that you hire in Siteground, they make a backup or backup every day, but it never hurts to make sure, on the other hand, that you have your information well stored. It’s free, but if you want to schedule backups or migrate your website you have to buy it. Yes, it’s very cheap and it works, which is the most important thing, as well as the service to the customer, of which I can assure you, is excellent.

In the pages that I have indicated to you at the beginning of the article you will be able to see this chapter on the plugins explained by professionals. Going Up

And to finish with the tools chapter, I’m going to talk to you about one called Flywheel, which if you want to work on your blog before you see it on the net and without an internet connection it will be very good for you.

To assemble this new design with Elementor, which you can now see, I worked in the local, which is what it is called. I started with XAMPP, but later I got to know Local Flywheel.

I didn’t dare to install it because of incompatibilities, but one day I contacted Victor Rico from Taller web en casa (it’s in Spanish, but in English you have hundreds in internet), who is in the Facebook group dedicated to Elementor and GeneratePress – and he helps everyone there with solutions to the problems raised – and Eureka! Was the one who encouraged me to try and with his help I was able to do the migration.

He wrote a guest post on Pedro Suarez‘s blog (also in Spanish) -also a WordPress expert that I recommend- in which he explained step by step how to install Flywheel on your machine and make it work, as well as the different options it offers you, the most interesting for me is that you can share it for others to see, that with XAMPP you can not. But it’s not the only advantage.

Better than telling you about it myself, though, I recommend you read that article you’re reading here.

Currently these companies: SitegroundGeneratePress and plugins like ElementorJetpack, have an affiliate program. In these I am registered, so if you buy through my links I will take a commission -not increase your price- which is a help to keep the blog open and minimize costs.


Crear en WordPress
Crear en WordPress
Crear en WordPress
Crear en WordPress

These affiliate programs are also open to you if you wish to participate. All of them must pre-approve your membership, but why not try it? They are free and you can generate income with them.

I’ll be waiting for you at WordPress.

¡Pura vida!

Fernando Rutia

Fernando Rutia

Soy Fernando Rutia y en el año 2013 decidí que mi vida debía de reiniciarse. Preparé esta vuelta al mundo y en 2014 me puse en marcha. Te lo cuento en esta web y en el blog, con el que también intento ayudarte a conocer los países que voy cruzando. Espero que disfrutes de esta experiencia vital y puedas viajar conmigo en la distancia, leyéndome. ¡Pura Vida!

Help others to travel with me. Thank you for sharing.

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