La Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas began in March 2014
and the journey continues. Now, "Discovering America".
La Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas began in March 2014
and the journey continues. Now, "Discovering America".
La Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas

The challenge

This Spanish omelet that I am introducing to you is tested and proved to be delicious. I have made more that 550 omelets in 43 countries visited as for now in Southern Europe, Asia and Oceania – with the exception of two (Kosovo and Macedonia) for reasons out of my will-.

You will find the recipe below in details and it is the same one that my mother used to prepare, which she learnt from my grandmother. At home we always added onion and often zucchini, which gives a very special and tasty flavor.

As you can check from the pictures, factors such as the eggs, the pan and the fire will impact on how the omelet turns out. Cooking is not an exact science.

Spanish omelete recipe

Ingredients for 4-6 people

  • 4 – 5 medium / large potatoes
  • 1, 1/2 large onions
  • 2 medium zucchini
  • 6-8 large eggs. I always decide the exact amount of eggs after the final mix. Not all eggs have the same size. Anyway, better go over it than falling short.
  • Salt to taste
  • ½ liter of oil (you will have leftovers). I recommend olive but vegetable will also do it.


The most important thing is a good frying pan, medium size for the ingredients described above. Anyway, if it is too small, you can always make two omelets. If you don’t have it please buy one, it has to be non-stick or the omelet will not be good and it will become just a mixture of potato, onion and pumpkin with egg.

  • A sharp knife
  • A peeler, not essential but it helps
  • A dish, larger than the pan
  • A large bowl
  • A wooden spoon
  • An eggbeater or fork


First, we slice the vegetables in 1×1 cm sizes with 2 mm wide – it is approximate (Fig. 1). We mix all the vegetables in the bowl and we add carefully a bit of salt (Fig. 2). The amount of salt will depend on the amount of vegetables and our taste.

We heat the oil in the pan and when it reaches a good temperature we add the vegetables (Fig. 3), shaking them from now and then with the help of the wooden spoon, up and down to avoid them burning and that way they will get cooked even. We need the mix to be whole but well done (Fig. 4).

When they get to the right cooking point, we remove them from the oil with a skimmer or we can strain them (Fig. 5). We add them drained to the egg previously whipped with a bit of salt (Fig. 6).

  • A tip. Leave the mix about 10 minutes so the vegetables get soaked with the egg. You will notice the difference when you eat it.

We will insert this mix to a very hot pan with little oil (the frying one is good enough) and we will leave it until we see that the egg gets set by both sides. We can shake it in the pan so it does not stick and it gets cooked from both sides (Fig. 7).

We reduce the fire to the minimum and we let it cook for four minutes so the egg gets done from the inside, and with the help of a dish larger than the pan we will turn it (Fig. 8).

We will put it in the very hot pan with the help of a wooden spoon (Fig, 9 and 10) and we will let it cook on the other side on a slow heat for five minutes. Before removing it we will increase the heat to the maximum for a few seconds to give a toasted color – but not burnt – for that side.

Times are not exact and they will depend on the fire of your kitchen. Search for the optimal point to yours.


I make the omelet set but not dry, some people like it better when the egg is more liquid. For this do not leave it for too long when you turn it and use a high heat from the beginning, that way it will be moist on the inside but with a good toasty color from the outside.

And here we have the Spanish potato omelet from La Vuelta al Mundo sin Prisas, with pumpkin and onion that has been so successful all over the world.

Enjoy your meal!!!

Some tips

  • Let it rest for 10 minutes before serving. It will keep cooking from the inside, the slice will be cleaner and it will not break.
  • It is better when it is thick, it will be moister and nicer to the palate.
  • I add salt to every ingredient, vegetables and eggs, but without going over! That way they will have their own taste.
  • You can accompany the potato omelet with some bread and a salad made of tomato, onion and cucumber for example. It is a perfect and refreshing combination. You can also prepare a sauce to dip the bread, made of grated ripe tomato, a bit of olive oil and salt.
  • The good thing about this plate is that you can serve just made or cold at an ambient temperature. Anyway, it will be delicious. Try it!

Most of the pictures are mine, but I had the collaboration of:
Antonio Camacho in Murs (France) and Kalina Paris Mateeva in Sofia (Bulgaria) to illustrate with their pictures this recipe. Thanks both of you for your time and help.

The recipe on video

In La Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas we also have a video channel where I show mi recipes and I keep adding new ones that I find all over the world.

The channel started with the recipe of the Spanish potato omelet (could not be any different) and the recipes are easy to make and affordable, besides being delicious and they will save you from a rush at some moment.


El reto: tortilla de patatas
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Fernando Rutia

Fernando Rutia

Soy Fernando Rutia y en el año 2013 decidí que mi vida debía de reiniciarse. Preparé esta vuelta al mundo y en 2014 me puse en marcha. Te lo cuento en esta web y en el blog, con el que también intento ayudarte a conocer los países que voy cruzando. Espero que disfrutes de esta experiencia vital y puedas viajar conmigo en la distancia, leyéndome. ¡Pura Vida!

Help others to travel with me. Thank you for sharing.

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