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Recipes Without Hurries

The recipes of

Recipes Without Hurries

This page, Recipes without rush, grows with time, and in it I will show you the recipes I make for the world. Some learned from my mother, others created by me and others that I will learn in the different countries I visit.

The recipes are not and will not be complicated to make, on the contrary, they are dishes whose ingredients you can easily find in almost any market in the world. And if not, I always say that cooking is creation, so some ingredients can be adapted to what you find or what you like.

If you do, I’d love to have your opinion and if I’ve guided you well or if you think you need further instructions. Thank you. Thank you.

Bon appetit and Pura Vida!!!!

Recipes step by step

Spanish Omelette

Potatos omelette

Turkish salad

Havuç Salatası Yoğurtlu

Rice balls

Fēi Fēi rice balls


Recipes in paso a paso

Cold soup


Belgian salad

Coleslaw salad

White rice

Oriental style

Fried rice

Oriental style

Homemade lentils

My mother's lentils

Coconut milk

Fijian style

Help others to travel with me. Thank you for sharing.


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