La Vuelta al Mundo Sin Prisas

Your round-the-world trip?

I have written three articles to guide and encourage you in your goal.

Normally, anyone who wants to embark on an adventure like this has a thousand and one questions: Where do I start? When? Am I alone or accompanied? What happens if I run out of money? Will I be able to overcome the difficulties that arise because I don’t speak a language? What can I do to save money? Where can I stay?

They are normal and little by little everyone has to discover their answers, which are not the same for everyone. Although a little help always comes in handy.

It happened to me, I had to look for information here and there and it took me time. In these three articles, I condense the questions and their answers and hope they are helpful to you as well.

Good travels! and tell me about it. At the end you have a contact form or you can leave your comment. Thank you

Pura Vida!

Help others travel with me. Thank you for sharing.